Saturday 30 June 2012

Does this ever happen to you?

You have a piece of card. A lovely piece of card. One you are reluctant to cut in to. But eventually you give in and use part of it, and carefully store the rest in your bits box.

Every time you are looking through for a piece of card for some other project, it catches your eye. And while it is completely unsuitable for the project you are working on, you think "I really must use that soon, before it starts to get dog eared."

Time passes and it begins to feel like an old friend, always happy to greet you when you are rummaging through your scraps. Until one day you embark upon a project that it would be absolutely PERFECT for. So you dash to your bits box and........ IT'S VANISHED. You turn the box upside down, spread the contents on the floor, frantically search through all your other drawers and boxes, and there simply isn't a trace of it anywhere.

Well, that's what happened to me today while creating my card for the "Less is More" challenge, which this week is a Lucky Dip, taking inspiration from the header. I absolutely KNOW I have a piece of card that is exactly the same shade as the border around the title, but it has gone into hiding!

Anyway, here is my interpretation. The music and flower stamps  from Kanban recall the music and flowers in the header, and I thought the swirly thorns of the rose were very reminscent of a treble clef, so I superimposed the rose stamp on the music. I stayed with the music theme for the sentiment, matted onto card which is NOT  quite the perfect colour after all! The music words are from a sheet of Beethoven themed stamps I bought to make a card for my son in law, which you can see on my Grape Vine blog

I an entering this into the Week 74 challenge at Less is More

And if I now find that missing piece of card, you'll  hear me SCREEEEEAM!!!


Carole said...

What a delightful card, I love the stamps, they are both wonderful!

Jan said...

Stunning card xx Jan

Vicky Hayes said...

This did make me giggle Jane - and yes, it has certainly happened to me! I love this elegant card and agree the rose does look rather like a treble clef! Thank you for your good wishes for my son.

GinaA said...

Your post did make me smile, I can never put my hand on things I just know will be perfect. You have created a really special card piece despite not having the card you wanted.

Lynne said...

Oh yes, that sort of thing happens to me all the time but that`s `cos I`m a very untidy pup.
Your card is fabulous, great take on the challenge.
Lynne xxx

Viv said...

I sympathise completely!!! At least you remembered you actually still had the piece you were looking for...... I always then begin to think - 'Did I use it? Didn't I use it?'........
Lovely card!

Kathyk said...

Simply lovely even if it isn't the piece you were looking for .... have you found that yet?


Jules said...

Hi Jane

I know that feeling only too well LOL!!!

My trouble is I have far too many scraps and it annoys me even more if I have missed the chance to use one of them!!!

Your card is gorgeous. Love the musical background very much!

Bet you have found the missing piece now.

Your cheese and onion muffins looked gorgeous the other day too. Mmmmm.... yummy!!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Linby said...

That happened to me the other day, then after turning everything upside down I remembered that I had used it a few weeks earlier!
Great take on the banner, lovely CAS card.
Lynn x

Mandi said...

Ah Jane your card is wonderful
I totally relate to that missing card story!
Hope you find it
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Jane Willis said...

Thanks for all the comments -I've been having a "using up odds and ends" afternoon so have done lots of rummaging in my bits box - and that missing piece STILL hasn't turned up!

Suze Bain said...

A perfect take on the challenge, a lovely card. xx

Kim S said...

You have used the inspiration perfectly - a beautiful card!!

Viv said...

Gorgeous card and well done on being showcased too. Yes it hapens to me all the time too....losing stuff I mean lol :) Viv xx

Darnell said...

Congratulations on being showcased with your beautiful card, even without the "perfect" piece of paper! (It's meant to be used for some other fabulous card someday!)