Friday, 21 September 2012


A few weeks ago our veg box contained rather more pattypan squash than we could really  cope with, so I decided to devise a recipe to use them up. I've used courgettes up in fritters before, but thought for a change I would turn them   into something rather more like a savoury Scotch Pancake. We were very pleased with the results and  I will be making them again, and possibly using other veg for a change. Mmmmm..... parsnips would be good!


250-300g pattypan squash
2 large eggs
Self raising flour (see recipe)
Oil for shallow frying

 Grate the squash finely and place in a sieve. Leave to stand for an hour, squeezing out the liquid from time to time so that as much of it as possible is removed

Beat the eggs with a little seasoning then stir in the grated squash. Now stir in self raising flour to give a soft dropping consistency. About two heaped tablespoons should do it, but it depends on the size of your eggs and how much liquid you’ve managed to remove from the squash.

Drop tablespoonfuls into the hot oil and shallow fry over medium to high heat until golden on both sides. Drain and serve as a side dish or with a dip or sauce as a snack or starter.

The squash could be replaced with courgettes for attractive green flecks.

Variations – add chopped spring  onions and serve with a sweet chilli sauce

Add a finely chopped red chilli and serve with mango chutney, or with Mexican style accompaniments such as sour cream, guacamole or tomato salsa.
Make cocktail sized ones with a guacamole topping

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