Sunday, 25 August 2013

Tapas style treats

It really ought to have been a lazy evening eating in the garden if it hadn't been for the weather - a selection of Spanish cheeses, olives, smoked almonds, garlic mayo (OK, Hellmann's with a couple of cloves of garlic squished into it), baked chorizo, home made bread and patatas bravas made the Ainsley Harriott way - bung the potatoes in a plastic bag, bash them about with a hammer until they break up, add oil and spices to the bag, mix them all well together then tip onto a tray and roast. Job done.
Easy, delicious and great washed down with chilled manzanilla. And since it was too gloomy to sit outside, we contented ourselves with eating in front of the TV, yelling advice and abuse at "Celebrity Masterchef" where  all the food seemed like awfully hard work compared to ours!
Oh, and I have no idea how those blueberries snuck into the photo. I've been photobombed by a bowl of blueberries!!!


starwell said...

sound delicious - enjoy your treats in front of 'the box'. It's lovely and sunny here 'up north-west'

Simon Tavener said...

I made a rather good blueberry compote/chutney thing this week - perhaps these blueberries were looking for some similar sweet/savoury action!

Jane Willis said...

Simon! I've not seen you around for ages - I keep expecting you to turn up on GBBO!