Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Ugly Bug Ball

The current Butterfly Challenge is The Ugly Bug Ball . Now I have had this stamp, which I thought was a ladybird, for some years, It was part of a grab bag of unmounted red rubber, but I've never got round to using it. So I had a surprise when I stamped it - is it a ladybird? Or is it a snail? Or some sort of strange hybrid?

I'd already prepared my background using some slightly sparkly ladybird paper, so I decided that today it, or rather SHE, is going to be a ladybird, sitting wishing to be invited to dance. I picked up the wrong shade of pink pen and realised it too late Just look how I've made her blush!

1 comment:

Mrs A. said...

Your ladybird bug is gorgeous. All the other bugs will be queuing up or a dance with her. No wonder she is blushing. Great card! Thankyou for coming to The Ball. Hugs Mrs A. Butterfly Challenge .