Friday, 13 July 2012

A super-easy loaf

I love baking bread. I have a lovely bread machine, but seldom use it for baking a loaf. More often I mix and rise the dough in it and then bake my loaf in the oven. Although I generally start from scratch, I do like to keep a packet of ciabatta mix in the cupboard for extra-lazy days because then home made bread is even easier than popping out to the corner shop for a large sliced!

However I don't follow the instructions on the ciabatta mix packet. I put the full amount of water into the bread maker, rather than the reduced amount they suggest for bread machines, add a tablespoon of olive oil and set the machine to the dough setting. The result is a very wet dough which rises a LOT.

Then I turn it all out onto a greased baking sheet. The dough is too wet to shape into loaves, so I just use slightly damp hands to coax it into a single large oval. Back to the pack instructions for proving and baking, remembering that the dough is too sticky to cover (it will stick to everything) so it needs to be left in a draught free place.

Here is the finished loaf, ready to serve with home made carrot soup, which you can see lurking in the saucepan behind it.


  1. I never use my bread machine anymore. I used to make a garlic/basil loaf in it that my son liked but now that my son is in the Army, the bread machine just sits there. Maybe I will give it to his wife when I get to see them again.

  2. I love the smell of fresh baking bread in the supermarket but the outcome of there efforts is rather disappointing. I think "Am I too old at 60 to learn and start baking my own?"

  3. I think the supermarkets make more effort over the smell than the finished bread. It never seems as good as it smells. 60 isn't old, I'm only a few years from there. And learning to use a bread machine only takes a few minutes. The basic bread machine loaf is delicious but you'll soon realise how asy it is to do more. Give it a try, ypu won't be disappointed



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