Friday 6 July 2012

Too much stuff!

This week I looked at my craft stash and decided I have Too Much Stuff. It has reached a stage where I spend longer looking for the right embellishment, stamp or paper than I do actually creating the project. I have boxes full of part-used paper and card,  and even a box full of half-finished projects, embossed card,  die cuts and stamped images from times I have come up with a better idea partway through making something, but the bits I'd already made were too good to throw away.

I have boxes of half-finished kits,  packs of free papers from magazines,  RAKs from other crafters and even a couple of DVDs still sealed in their cellophane. I have enough stash to make THOUSANDS of cards.

So am I going to have a   clear out? What to you think? Part with my precious stash? NO WAY. What I am going to do is knuckle down and USE it. I've set myself a personal challenge - to see just how much I can create without buying anything new. Obviously I will still need to replace essentials as they run out. I think these are
  • adhesives
  • white, black, silver and gold card
  • black inks of several types
  • Versamark ink
  • clear embossing powder
Also I have a Christmas kit on back order from QVC, that doesn't count as it's already ordered. And I'm happy to still win craft goodies (I won some lovely papers and card from Making Cards magazine just yesterday) and *hint hint* to receive them as gifts from friends and family  for my birthday next month, but for the time being, other craft shopping is off limits to me.

So this week I sifted through my part-finished projects box and made a start on tidying up some of the loose ends. This is what I made.


Jules said...

Hi Jane

Well done .. .. hope you manage to keep your personal challenge going.

You have certainly got off to a good start that's for sure!!

Loving your makes.

I bet you can't believe they have sat their unfinished now they are complete.

Love the lush ribbon on the third one!!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Love Jules xx

Jane Willis said...

I tried it once before and lasted for about 6 months, and made about 150 cards for charity in that time. I hope to be able to do as many this time!


Rachel Flowers said...

I love the first card and the dragonfly one the most. You really are talented x I've seen some bespoke card shops on eBay but I think what you do are far superior ! You could be a multiSquillionaire! Get selling!!