Sunday, 4 November 2012

A plethora of pink

This week at Less is More, it's a colour challenge and the colour is PINK.  Now, as many of you will know, I am not a pink kind of person at all. In fact I'm so unfeminine that people are often surprised to know that I love cooking and crafting so much. My handbag tends to be used  as a convenient place to carry my screwdrivers and I feel more at home in P C World than Dorothy Perkins.

My older daughter, whose lovely family blog can be seen at Mellow Mummy,  is just the same and it is a constant surprise to both of us that her daughter Lara, who loves to craft with me, always chooses pink whenever she has the chance. So I really thought I wouldn't have anything pink left to play with, after her last crafting marathon a few days ago!

However  rummage through my drawers (ooh! Mrs!) yielded a surprising amount of pink, but very few stamps that would work with a pink colour scheme. At least, I thought that at the  time - having looked at some of the wonderful work form other bloggers for this challenge, perhaps I should think again.

I stamped a simple floral motif in Brilliance ink and added a background of pink pearlescent card embossed with the 'Bug for my first attempt. I used a square backing card but it looked all wrong so I trimmed it down and I'm afraid I still hated the result. it's too........ PINK. But here it is:

Really not me at all, so I thought I'd try for something bolder.  I dropped the idea of stamping and used die cutting to produce this card. Well, I did add a stamped sentiment, but the texture of the card is all wrong for stamping on so I had to cover it up with a die cut one.

I can't say I'm really thrilled with how this one looks in the photos, but actually it looks a lot better in real life. The photos don't  really show the amount of dimension that it has. So this is the one I am submitting to Less is More this week.

And now I have a pile of pink odds and ends on my craft table - what a pity my granddaughter is away on holiday and I can't invite her over to play!


  1. I see we have pink, white-space on this one Jane. It's really pretty!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. Both the cards are fab.
    Monica xxx