Saturday, 30 August 2014

Foiling can be child's play

I mentioned in my previous post that my granddaughter was crafting with me yesterday. Lara, aged 5, loves all kinds of crafting and likes to try out different techniques when she comes to visit. Yesterday we were crafting side by side - she was working on a project that involved a lot of princess stickers and hearts, while I made a start on my next DT piece for Foil Play (it's still a Work in progress so you'll need to wait a day or two for that!)

Lara's eyes lit up when she saw the effects of rubbing the foil on to the tacky surface and immediately wanted to help me, rubbing away enthusiastically at the foil until between us we had covered the whole piece. Then she asked to do a project of her own, so I found her some bold double sided stickers and let her look through my collection of foils. Being 5 years old, she was naturally attracted to the rainbow and holographic ones, and she made the card below (front and back) with no help from me at all. (Actually she decorated both panels on the inside too, with more foiled flowers, but she got bored with posing for photos before I could capture those)

So there you are - foiling is so easy that even a five year old can do it!


Foil Play said...

Brilliant, Jane - and what a star Lara is too :D

Sue Boni said...

Thats lovely, you're 2 clever girls! I love your tree.