Sunday 19 April 2015


About twenty years ago, I went through a spell of being a very keen Scrabble player - I knew all the allowable two letter words and all the words that contained a Q but no U, I reckoned it was a poor game if I didn't get at least 3 seven letter "bingos" and I even played in a few championships. But it reached a point where I had to decide whether to take it further, travelling all around the country to tournaments every weekend, and at the time my daughters were going through the stressful GCSE years and I figured they needed weekends to relax with their family - impossible if the family isn't there! So now I don't play at all but still have fond memories of the challenge of playing to such a high level (not to mention an impressive knowledge of two letter words).

I was pleased when a recent magazine freebie was a pack of Scrabble tiles for crafting - although not quite as keen when I found that many of the letter tiles had the wrong score on them! I don't know whether that's deliberate, to avoid infringing copyright, but I'm having a quiet seethe about the letter F only being worth one point! And that's despite the fact that I have quite deliberately arranged the premium squared on my "board" to look pleasing rather than accurate. There's just no pleasing me today.

To make the board, I worked in inches for a change and cut a 5" square of green card, then scored it at 1" intervals in both directions. I then covered the score lines with black peel off borders - I'd have liked to use straight lines but I ran out. The premium squares - red, pink, dark blue and light blue - are cut from snippets.

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Di said...

Wow Jane, this is really clever! And apart from the letter F score (which I wouldn't have spotted) it's so like a Scrabble board! And how interesting to read about your previous life as a Scrabble champion. A good while ago I found a download for scrabble letters - OK, not as dimensional and I do like to use the tiles if possible, but it might be handy for you one day. Drat, I don't have the link but I guess Google would show it up.


Di xx

Liz said...

Love the design of this card, very clever! I see what you mean about the numbers on the tiles..... 3 for a vowel and 4 for an R?? I play Scrabble on Facebook with friends and 3 for a vowel would be very handy! At least the Y is right. ;-) I've been looking for downloadable Scrabble tiles, so if anyone finds them, I would love the link. x

Jane said...

Clever use of letters and numbers to tie in with The Male Room's challenge. Thanks for playing.

Jane Willis said...

I love that Di has said she has found downloadable Scrabble tiles and Liz has said that she is looking for them..... Imthink you two lasied need to,talk to each other!

Deborah Frings said...

I really enjoyed your post! I enjoy a good game of Scrabble, and I think your card is just super. Love the letters! Thanks so much for playing along with The Male Room this week!

brenda said...

A super card for this weeks theme Jane and lovely colour choice, thanks so much for joining in at Allsorts this week.

B x

Darnell said...

Oh, you are singing my song with this brilliant card, Jane! I, too, love Scrabble, and I feel very honored to cyber-know someone who made it into tournaments!! You know you can play it online, right? Don't do it! It's very addicting and it's very frustrating when you play with someone who messes up the triples, lol!! Fantastic snippets card!! Hugs, Darnell

Liz said...

Saw this on the Playground. What a clever idea!

AlisonC said...

Great idea. I know serval scrabble addicts who would appreciate this. Me, I'm pretty bad at playing.

Di said...

Putting a link on the Playground tomorrow :)

Di xx

Di said...

Link on Playground write-up tomorrow Liz! :)

Di xx