Monday, 16 December 2013

Meal Planning Monday December 16th

This is a "possible" meal plan - as long as I'm around, it's what we're going to be having, but our younger daughter, who lives in France, has a baby due very soon. She's been cleaning the house with a vengeance this weekend, which means that Things may be about to Happen. I've promised to go over to help out for a while when the baby is born, so I could well be vanishing any day now.

Anyhoo, assuming for now that I'll be around, this is what we're going to be eating. Because we both have colds and our appetite for both food and cooking is very variable at the moment, I've kept things pretty flexible.

Monday Macaroni cheese with baked tomatoes and broccoli. The other day, I went out for lunch with somebody who had macaroni cheese and it looked so good I almost snatched the plate away from her. So this is to satisfy a craving.

Tuesday Baked potatoes filled with ham and eggs. Or ham omelette with baked potatoes, depending on what mood I'm in.

Wednesday Pasta with ham and pesto It'll probably be something more complicated than it sounds, but it doesn't have to be.

Thursday  either baked Camembert with home made mini rolls for dunking, or corned beef scone.

Friday Rack of lamb with gratin dauphinoise

Saturday and Sunday The very last ever Farmer's Market in Fleet, so we'll be stocking up and making our meals from what we treat ourselves to.

I'm playing along with Meal Planning Monday  at At Home With Mrs M

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A delicious meal plan.