Monday, 9 December 2013

My cupboards - laid bare!

It's a rather unusual challenge at Random Recipes this month - instead of cooking something, Dom has asked us to reveal the contents of our kitchen cupboards. No doubt next month he will come up with a challenge that none of us has the ingredients for......

So here's a whistlestop tour of my kitchen.

First off, the corner cupboard. The shelves in the left hand arm are very shallow, just deep enough for one jar, so ground spices live here. To the right are nuts, dried fruits, pulses, grains such as bulghur and cous cous, polenta and Mark's chipotle collection.

Next the "tea and coffee" cupboard. The hot drinks live above the mugs, with "stuff for on toast" next to them. (I can see two bottles of barbecue sauce in there. I must move them before, one bleary eyed morning, they end up on toast). Whole spices live on the left of the top shelf, and seeds and  things like baking powder  and vanilla essence on the right. The bottom right hand shelf holds pickles, chutneys and olives.

Next to the cooker is the cupboard full of "things to reach for while cooking" - oils, vinegars, salts, soy sauces and chilli sauces. Crackers and biscuits live above them, while the baskets on the top shelf hold the guilty-secret cooking sauces I stock up on at the Chinese cash & carry.

The "baking and gravy" cupboard is on the other side of the cooker. For some reason it also holds a tub of French fried onion flakes.

Finally the "tins, rices and pasta" drawer, which is currently dangerously overloaded because I believed all the dire warnings of 100 days of snow we were threatened with a couple of weeks ago.

Well, that's what's in my kitchen - what's in YOURS?


Unknown said...

love how we organise things into groups... who'd have thought that 'gravy and baking' were a food group! Thanks so much for the brilliant entry and the tour around your internals!

Jane Willis said...

I don't know about baking but gravy is definitely an essential food group.