Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An impromptu breakfast

For some reason, the sliced loaf i bought (shock, horror!) at the weekend tasted of fish. So I really didn't fancy toast for breakfast yesterday. And having made Yorkshire Pudding the day before, I'd used more milk than planned so there wasn't enough milk left for cereal. What to have for breakfast?

Then a flash of inspiration - there had been a little bit of Yorkshire Pudding batter left over which I had popped in the fridge. I whisked a few drops of vanilla extract into it and bunged it in the waffle maker. I wasn't expecting anything brilliant as the batter was thinner than that recommended for the machine and didn't have any raising agent (apart from elbow grease) in it. But it produced a beautiful waffle, which I enjoyed topped with blueberries and drizzled with Sweet Freedom syrup.

I'm linking this up to Breakfast Club at Fuss Free Flavours and Farmersgirl Kitchen, where a glance at the linky will show that my waffle maker is making its second appearance.


Unknown said...

Great thrifty breakfast too, waste not, want not! I keep thinking about a waffle maker but not sure I can spare the room.

Jane Willis said...

Mine was a prize just before Christmas. I'm not sure I'll use it enough to have justified the cost if i'd bought it, but at the moment it's a fun new toy.

Linby said...

mmmm - yum
Lynn x