Monday, 4 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday - February 4th

Meal Planning Monday

It's going to be a funny week this week. Mark is working away from home for a few days, something he hasn't done for ages, and while he's away I tend to base my meals around fish, seafood and peppers - three things I love that he can't eat. But I've not bought the fish/seafood yet because I want it to be as fresh as possible, so I'll make a definite decision when I see what looks good. With that in mind, this week's plan is more of an outline.

Monday Steamed steak pudding with Brussels sprouts  - this was originally planned for yesterday, until I remembered family were visiting and I'd have been in the kitchen while they were here.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I'm hoping to buy some prawns and  some smoked haddock. Then I can use some peppers with the prawns in  a stir-fry (either sweet-and-sour or Malay style chilli prawns)  and serve it with rice, cooking extra rice to make a kedgeree with the smoked haddock. The third meal may be a fish pie, or a haddock and pepper hotpot, or a salmon steak depending on what I buy. In the meantime, Mark will be eating hotel food and will be craving vegetables by the time he gets home - most places just treat them as a garnish, not the main part of the meal the way we do.
Friday  since Mark's journey home at rush hour on Friday could take longer than planned, I'll do something that can be just left in the oven until he gets in - lamb and mixed fruit pilaff served with salad sounds ideal.
Saturday I'm supposed to be going into London for a meeting, or at least attending it from home by Skype, so I'll leave Mark in charge of cooking tonight.
Sunday there will have been a piece of pork in this week's box, so we'll have roast pork with lots and lots of veg.

I've not planned a vegetarian meal this week - unless Mark chooses to make one on Saturday - but my resolution was to have one a week and so far we've had TWO every week, apart from last week when we had three, so it's averaging out very nicely!

If you'd like to see more meal plans, or join in with one of your own, pop over to At Home With Mrs  M and read more about Meal Planning Monday.


  1. oooo I love kedgeree, I'm going to have to add that to the list of things to make soon!

    I hate that restaurants don't serve proper portions of vegetables, it's weird what with the 5 a day thing. My sister works away from home all week and stays in hotels and by the weekend all she wants to eat is veg!

    Have a good week. x

  2. those meals sound lovely - sometimes it's nice to make what you fancy without having to worry about whether anyone else will enjoy it. Hate it when restaurants don't serve proper veggies - so unhealthy (and since veggies are so cheap, it doesn't make sense for them either!)

  3. Wow I've not made a savoury pudding myself yet, I'd love to! Do you need a pudding dish or could I use pyrex?

    I've only ever had Kedgeree in restaurants, never made it myself, is it easy?

  4. I've always fancied kedgeree - I am not a huge fish lover but I really liked smoked haddock :)

  5. I can see I'm going to have to blog my ultra easy kedgereee recipe. It's perhaps not terribly authentic - but it tastes blooming good!

    Pleased to see so many of you agree about hotels not serving enough veg. I've heard some hotel chefs say they just get left and wasted- I blame that catering-mix of carrots, broccoli, cauli and mange tout that everywhere served abut 20 years ago. People got bored with it and stopped eating it, especially when it was served in one of those litte crescent shaped dishes next to your plate. Does anybody else remember those?

  6. I love kedgeree but not the smell of fish that lingers so tend to only pan cook fish in summer with the doors and windows open!

    Please do blog your kedgeree recipe!


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