Monday, 1 April 2013

Meal Planning Monday April 1st

I've missed a couple of weeks because various comings and goings have made it hard to plan ahead. It felt rather strange to get up in the morning and not have a clue what we were going to eat that night, meal planning has quickly become a habit! So it's  great to get back into a routine again.

The first couple of meals have been inspired by the May (yes, already!) issue of Good Food magazine. Out of all the cookery mags I buy, this is always the one that makes me head straight for the kitchen.

Monday Crunchy pesto and mozzarella baked mushrooms I'm baking rye bread to serve with it and we'll add a tomato and avocado salad.

Tuesday  Mac'n'hock-a-roni cheese Mac and cheese with added ham hock and peas. Brussels sprouts and possibly baked tomatoes on the side.

Wednesday. Game casserole cooked in the slow cooker. Potato swede and carrot mash. Brussels sprouts if there are any left, otherwise runner beans from the freezer.

Thursday. I'm out babysitting all day so it needs to be something quick. If I get time to bake an Alsatian onion tart on Wednesday we'll be having that, and if not, Mexican veggie hash which is also from the Good Food magazine

Friday I keep reading lasagne mentioned in other meal plans and I've realised it's a long long time since we had it, so tonight's the night! I might make some tomato bread, from an ancient Keith Floyd recipe, to have with it.

Saturday/Sunday Mark will probably cook one of the days, on the other I will do a roast chicken and try to get a big enough one to make another meal from early next week. I have a longing for a chicken and mushroom pie!

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The Mini Mes and Me said...

Love the sound of he mushrooms with pesto and mozzerella x

Kim Carberry said...

Ohh liking the sound of the Mac'n'hock-a-roni cheese :)
Great meal plan :)

Lauren - Big Eejit said...

You are very good at making GF recipes quickly.... mine tend to languish in my recipe file for months until I get my act together!!!!

Jane Willis said...

I often make one or two within a week of getting it, then keep others for weeks, or years, or even decades, in my "must get around to it" folder!

kateab said...

I make loads from Good Food. And I use their website TONS.

Jane Willis said...

So do I, it was one of the first sites I ever registered with. I like being able,to save and bookmark recipes. Just wish everything in the mag was on the site, although I realise they can't do tat or their sales would drop and then they wouldn't be able to provide the site. Maybe they need a subscribers only area with a log in