Saturday 11 May 2013

Tabbouleh and more besides

We have a glut of parsley and mint in the garden at the moment, so I decided to make tabbouleh. I long to do it the authentic way,  mostly herbs with just a few flecks of bulgur in it. but however huge the bunch of herbs I start with is, they seem to chop down to almost nothing. Perhaps I should be using more mature, coarser leaves - but never mind, it is delicious as it is!

I decided to showcase the flavour of the herbs by making a very simple version, not bulked out with the tomato, onion and cucumber that it often contains, so here is my super-simple tabbouleh recipe.

60g bulgur wheat
1 tbs lemon infused olive oil (or use ordinary olive oil and a little grated lemon rind)
1 large bunch each of parsley and mint, chopped.
salt to taste

Pour boiling water over the bulgur so it is covered by at least its own depth, and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Then drain in a sieve, pressing down well to remove all the water. Stir in the olive oil and leave to cool completely.

Mix in the herbs, season to taste and serve.

And here's what I served it with -  Greek salad, a melon and feta salad, hummus and pitta breads - the breads being made from a recipe in Paul Hollywood's Bread.

I'm playing along with Herbs on Saturday (well, my tabbouleh is - everything else is just there to make up the rest of the meal) which is being hosted by Délicieux and Lavender and Lovage

Oh, and if you are admiring the dishes it's all served up in, we've always collected interesting pottery and serving bowls on our travels. The scallop shell is Penang Pottery, bought straight from the factory on a holiday there 30 yeas ago, the green and white striped dished  are Gmunden Keramik, bought on two separate holidays to Austria and the blue bowl, well the blue bowl came from Marks and Spencers!  (I had to whisper that last bit)


Anneli (Delicieux_fr) said...

What a feast! I love the look of your whole spread - so fresh and Summery, I love that kind of food. Your Tabbouleh is wonderfully simple but I just know it will have tasted great! Thanks for entering it into Herbs On Saturday!

ediblethings said...

This is lovely, I like the simpler version of the tabbouleh.

I have made a more traditional version, as you mention, but I tore the mint, and kept the parsley leaves whole, if this helps; but you need a fair bit!

I am also sitting here admiring your pitta - they look so good, you know they are going to be perfectly pockety.