Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Crafting with Children

Last week, as you UK based parents and grandparents will know, it was half term in much of the country. And that gave me and my four year old granddaughter Lara  the chance to have a full day of crafting together, without interference from Mummy, Daddy and little sister.

Lara has loved crafting since she was a baby, and learned stamping before she learned to hold a pencil!

We started off at her house, making some paper chains and snowflakes to set aside for Christmas, then headed off to a craft superstore where we stocked up on some new supplies we could use together. Then we came back to our house where I could allow her to use things that are usually too dangerous for her little sister's tiny, inquisitive fingers - punches, a  Ribbler and best of all the Cuttlebug.

When it was "quiet time", instead of reading books and watching children's TV together, we read craft magazines and watched the Create and Craft channel. Lara's eyes got wider and wider with every photo and every demonstration - I don't think I've ever heard the word "WOW!" used so many times!

Here are a couple of her creations. Apart from measuring the right diameter for the cirsle used for the cupcake topping, all her own work!

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