Monday, 18 November 2013

Meal planning Monday, 18 November

Last week's attempt at a Jamie's 30 Minute Meal in 30 minutes  was a great success, much to my surprise! Not quite a 30 minute meal, as he cooked potatoes in the microwave and I don't have one, so cooking them took a little longer,  but a real reminder of how much flavour you can pack into a meal with relatively little effort  if you have a good supply of fresh herbs in the garden. I'll be trying more - and I might remember to take photos next time!

This week's meals look something like this

Monday chicken satay with gado gado and fragrant rice

Tuesday Mark is cooking. I don't know exactly what but it will involve a butterflied leg of lamb and some flageolet or cannellini beans

Wednesday a sort-of paella but with chorizo and no fish or seafood. And no broad beans. Perhaps I should just call it Spanish Rice.

Thursday Something involving cabbage and eggs. Either a cabbage koulibac from a recipe in my dog eared copy of Jocasta Innes's Pauper's Cookbook or a gratin-y thing with cheese sauce

Friday  Roast partridge with whatever veg need using up

Saturday and Sunday - Saturday's our local Farmer's Market day so we'll make our weekend plans according to what we buy. I suspect we'll push the boat out a bit as our local monthly market is closing soon, the December one will be the last ever. It doesn't get much local support, I think it's because it's held a couple of miles out of the town centre so people don't realise it's there.

Find more meal plans at At Home with Mrs M


Unknown said...

Ooh, it all sounds very exciting! Mine is very boring in comparison lol. Enjoy your week :-) x

Ojo said...

Definately go with the gratin type thing!! Love that x

Fee @ Project Mommy said...

some things there sound really intersting :) Like the sound of the roasted Partridge, something I have wanted to try but not got around to yet.

Kim Carberry said...

Ohh yum! Everything sounds delicious!

Sian Breslin said...

Mmmm...its been a long time since I've cooked partridge!