Monday, 6 July 2015

A picnic with Primula

A few weeks ago, Primula got in touch with me and asked if I would join in with their National Picnic Week promotion and feature a picnic with my grandchildren. Unfortunately the grandchildren's busy lives were fully booked up at the time, so I was unable to agree to take part as they simply didn't have a moment to spare before the end of the event. However, Primula still sent me a selection of tubes of their cheeses so that I could use them last weekend, when we all went away for a family weekend break.

So, I had the Primula, I had the crackers, Grandpa and I had Lara (6) and Holly (3) for the afternoon, we had the beautiful Gnoll Estate Park near Neath in Wales to visit - all should have gone smoothly. Except that you can't always get children of 3 and 6 to oblige - although they have times when they are up for trying anything (they ate crocodile the other day) when we set out the picnic, they were both having one of those days and refused to tuck in.

Lara decided she would much rather play on the climbing frame

While Holly at least accepted a taste

But still refused to eat any

However she was happy to feed Grandpa - who was very happy to be fed

So Mark and I tucked in to the tasty cheeses and crackers, to give us energy to see us through the rest of the afternoon.
Packed in their squeezy tubes, Primula cheeses make a great picnic food as they are so easily portable. And you can pipe them directly onto bread or biscuits, celery or carrot sticks or even slices of apple, without the need for a knife to spread them. But do  remember that children can be stubborn, and if today is their day to dislike something, they will never change their minds. This makes Primula even more useful because a pile of unwanted sandwiches would be completely wasted, but with Primula you can simply twist the top back on to the tube, pop it back in the cold bag and take it home to be eaten another day!

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