Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Recipe - Tomato and Crispbread salad

I created this salad when I was visiting my daughter last week, and we decided to clear out the kitchen cupboards. There was half a packet of small, thick, oval "crispbreads" that had gone too hard to eat without breaking a tooth or two, and I combined them with some of her home grown tomatoes and her delicious home made red wine vinegar to make a salad inspired partly by Yotam Ottolenghi's Dakos salad from Plenty More and partly by the Italian bread-and-tomato salad panzanella. And we enjoyed it so much I recreated it when I got back home, using half a pack of Dakos crispbreads that were languishing in our own cupboard.

You will need to make this at least an hour in advance to allow the crispbreads to soak up the dressing and blend with some of the juice from the tomatoes. Depending on the hardness (or otherwise) of your crispbreads, it will happily stand for several hours before becoming too soggy.

Ingredients (all approximate)

400g ripe tomatoes
100g small, hard crispbreads
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 tbs red wine vinegar
3 tbs olive oil
a good pinch of salt

Put the vinegar into a large bowl and whisk in the salt, followed by the oil. Stir in the shallot.

Break the crispbreads into bite sized pieces (I stuck them in a plastic bag and bashed them with a rolling pin a bit) and mix into the dressing.

Roughly chop the tomatoes into pieces 1-2 cm across and mix them into the crispbreads. Leave to stand, stirring occasionally - some of the crispbread pieces will soak up lots of juice and go soft, others will stay quite crunchy.

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Cheryl Pasquier said...

Oooh I have several half eaten packets of crispbread in the cupboard and now I know what to do with them - this looks perfect ! :) Thanks for linking up xx

Unknown said...

seriously bizarre but I totally get it!