Sunday, 27 September 2015

Remember ATCs?

About 10 years ago, everybody seemed to be making ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) - we joined in postal swaps, and wouldn't dream of turning up at a craft show or event without a bundle of them to swap. But, in the circles I move in at least, interest in them fizzled out and I haven't made one for YEARS - in fact I had to double check the measurements, although there was once a time when I could have cut one the right size in my sleep.

But the current challenge at Crafting by Designs is ATCs, so I thought I'd try to revive my interest in them.

I nearly always used to make them in pairs, and that's what I've done this time. The two main images are old unmounted stamps a friend gave to me years ago. For the first ATC, I stamped it directly onto the card, then masked it and used a tape-measure stamp to create a background, finishing it off with words cut from magazines.

For the second, I made a background by inking up some bubble wrap and pressing it onto the ATC. The image is made into a tiny topper, with a two lip-effect brads to embellish it.

So here they are together - "before" and "after" pictures!

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