Friday, 19 April 2019

Advice needed - choosing a new die cutting machine.

Crafting friends, some input please. My much loved Grand Calibur is heading for the great craft room in the sky - I can't really complain as it's been used about a gazillion times. Or more. Anyway, I need a new one and I'm looking for ideas which to buy as the GC seems pretty hard to find now. I know everybody with a Big Shot loves them, but don't they take up a lot of space when not in use? I'm really pushed for space and the GC fits very nicely into its own spot, I can't really find any more space than that. I've seen a folding version of the Big Shot, has anyone any experience with that? Or is there another brand or model I should be looking at?

I want to be able to cut and emboss. Most of my dies are the normal thin ones but I do have a few of the thicker Cuttlebug dies which i don't want to stop using. Most of my embossing folders are the standard type but i have a couple if the much thicker Spellbinders ones - I wouldn't be heartbroken if I couldn't use those any more.

I don't want to move to a smaller, Cuttlebug sized machine as i want to be able to cut large dies. The plates of the Grand Calibur are roughly A4 sized and that suits me perfectly.

Finally, i don't want an electronic machine - I had one once and really didn't like it. I love my does and embossing folders too much!


Crafting Queen said...

I have three Big Shot Machines and a few others as well. My go to machines are my Big Shot and Big Shot Plus. I really would recommend the Big Shot. If you have more questions get in touch. Hugs Anesha

Sue - said...

I love my GC too! I also gave aBig Shot which I rarely use. It takes up a lot of room. The advantage is that it takes the thicker dieaas well but I still like the A4 size of the Calibur. Have you looked at a Gemini? No experience of them but they seem quite popular.

Wendy said...

The fold up Big Shot will not take A4, for that you would need the Big Shot Plus. It has a footprint of 12" by 16" (I just measured!) with the handle sticking out a further 4", making a 16" x 16" area for it to sit on. I keep mine on top of a filing cabinet and move it to the freezer to cut, so there is space for the plates to move through.