Monday, 23 September 2013

Meal Planning Monday 23 September

It's hard to plan at the moment isn't it? (At least, for those living in my part of the UK it is. Disclaimer: Other weather is available) The grey gloomy skies and drizzle tell my eyes that they want hot, warming comfort food, while the warm temperatures tell my body that light dishes, fruits and salads are what's needed. On top of that my gut problems flared up badly again at the weekend, so I'm still trying to stick to quite bland foods. Having said that, I'm missing curry terrible so I'm going to give it a try this week, to see how my body copes.

So here we go

Monday Sausages with onion gravy, celeriac and potato mash and runner beans. Also today I'm planning to try making home made tomato ketchup for the first time. if it's good, a dollop of that will be great with the sausages.

Tuesday Butternut squash risotto with Mark's "Gaucho salad"

Wednesday Butter chicken curry with home made naan bread, tomato and cucumber sambal and probably spiced runner beans.

Thursday Corned beef hash (absolutely HAD to do this after seeing it on so many meal plans last week) with baked tomatoes and ........ runner beans.

Friday Girls' night out for me - a friend's 60th birthday - so Mark will fend for himself. Depending on what kind of a week he's had, it could be anything from a plain omelette to a three course blowout. I expect he'll have runner beans with it (do you sense a theme here?)

Saturday and Sunday No firm plans yet as Fleet Farmers' Market in on Saturday and we're hoping to get a good selection of game, some to freeze and some to eat this weekend. Game will go beautifully with the Hedgerow Jelly that Mark made this week. We'll be looking for one thing to roast - maybe a  pheasant or a very small joint of venison, and one to casserole. I'm thinking of a venison casserole with mushrooms, shallots, orange and brandy. If the game stall isn't there, we'll get some steaks for Saturday and wing it for Sunday. Whatever we have, I'm sure there will be runner beans.....

Look for lots more meal plans - and share yours - on At Home With Mrs M


Kim Carberry said...

Everything sounds great!!

Denise Lindsay said...

Your meal plan sound lovely, especially tonight's meal although I've never tried celeriac. I see that you make cards too, I use die cuts on the ones that I make. Do you sell yours or do you make them for people?

Jane Willis said...

Hi Denise
I make cards to send to friends and family, although I don't usually put those on the blog in case the intended recipient sees it. The rest I donate to charity to sell for their fundraising.