Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Oriental Blossom

The word "blossom" always makes me think of the years I spent living out in the rural New Territories of Hong Kong, where the peach and plum trees were carefully nurtured so that the blossom would be at its best for Chinese New Year. Whole fields of little saplings had lights strung over them to fool the plants into thinking they were getting more daylight than they really were - they made a spectacular sight.

With that in mind, I stamped this branch and vase, both from a set that came cover mounted on a magazine a year or two back, using blue for the vase to match some of my favourite vases that I still have from my Hong Kong days. I masked the vase to get the branch in the right position, and then used a water brush to draw out a little of the blue ink to create a small shadow below the vase.

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One Layer Simplicity Challenge - Blossom
Suzy Bee's Blooming Challenge - No Patterned Paper
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Heather T said...

This is so very elegant. Your blue vase looks perfect and the single branch just like the iconic oriental flower arrangements.

Kim M said...

Beautiful card! I love that vase stamp. Great CAS design too. Thanks for playing along with us over at Inkspirational! :-)

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

I love the oriental look and the colours work together beautifully :)

rachel taylor said...

lovely card thanks for sharing with SBBC Rachel dt

Monika Reeck said...

woooow Jane I love this
this is awesome
stunning and so CAS
love the image the color and the sentiment
adorable made..

Monika Reeck said...

May I write the recipe here Jane

Its so easy..

SPRINGROLL (vegetable and using chicken fillet)

3 garlic
1 tea spoon the chicken broth powder
1 tea spoon salt
and a bit pepper
water 100 ml

You need to cut the carrot like Matchstick I used 3 or 4 carrots
you can find at asia shop Bamboo already cut like matchstick
chicken fillet just use blender/cutter machine to make it small

Also the garlic cut in to small pieces
then you prepare the water chicken broth powder salt and pepper.
Start to put 3 tablespoon soya oil (another oil also ok but better not olive oil) on the pan
then if its hot already put the garlic, 1-2 minutes then put the chicken fillet that already cut with machine into a small pieces.
after the color of the chicken fillet getting white, you can put the carrot and the bamboos stripe inside the pan.
gave the water, salt, pepper and chicken broth powder on it.
wait till around 10 minutes till the water not more so much.
then you wait it till it is cold.
ready to roll it on the dough (skin for springroll you can buy it in asia shop in Germany I always buy this)
Jane I am sorry I just answer you
life with 2 kids like a roaller coaster
hope you understand what I explained


Yvonne Garner said...

What a beautiful card! Thank you for sharing it with us at Inkspirational!