Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Great British Cookbook

Right about now, Mark and I will be arriving at Nottingham Castle for the launch party of a new e-book, The Great British Cookbook. Why will we be at the launch party? Well, we wrote one of the chapters of the book!

A few months ago we were invited to join in, initially just to contribute a few paragraphs. But our contribution grew, so enthusiastic were we, until we had produced a whole chapter, beautifully illustrated with a selection of Mark's photos. In fact one of his photos has made it to the front cover! If you are a reader of his blog, you'll probably recognise his style - that beautiful display of veg near the  bottom of the left hand column.

In our chapter, Mark concentrates on growing veg, of course, while my part is aimed at those who don't grow their own veg but would like to shop and cook seasonally and use the best of British produce. The rest of the book is crammed with recipes from top chefs  and food celebrities including many well known names like Rick Stein, Michael Caines, Sat Baines and Adam Simmonds, as well as chefs from top restaurants in every region of the country - in all, 200 chefs have contributed. There will also be profiles of some of Britain's great food producers, growers, suppliers and retailers.

We're very excited about having taken part in this project, especially as the aim of the book is to raise funds for two very deserving charities, Macmillan Cancer Support and Hospitality Action. You can read more about the book on the Great British Cookbook website where you can buy the book as a download for just £12.00. I believe it will also be available from Amazon, The Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Buying it is your chance to make a charity donation to two deserving causes AND get a fantastic recipe book in exchange for it! They are hoping to raise £200,000 by Christmas, and it would be wonderful to know that some of my blog readers contributed to that total!

I'll sign off for today with one of the out-takes from our photo session for the book....


Claire Toplis said...

What a great cause

Wynn said...

Wow what an hon our and for a great cause. My OH and I follow Marks blog and I follow yours of course lol. So this is really exciting and we'll certainly be buying this book. Thank you for sharing this with us and well done to a talented couple. Wynn xx