Saturday, 30 June 2012

Jamie Salad

This might sounds like a strange name for a salad, but it is our family name for it. It is derived from a salad Jamie Oliver made in one of his very early TV series, back in 2000 - hence the name - and has evolved over the years to become our favourite summer salad, as long as we are lucky  enough to get some lovely ripe peaches.

The ingredients are sliced peaches, Parma ham, sliced or torn mozzarella, boiled eggs and olives on a bed of baby leaf salad.

Baby leaf salad is another thing that has a family name - we call it "Daddy salad" because when the children were small, bagged  salads hadn't hit the supermarket shelves to the only way to get hold of it was if Daddy grew it!

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Galina Varese said...

Very colourful summer salad, perfect for a lazy lunch in the garden.