Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Why I don't buy ready meals

.... well, I usually don't buy ready meals - but at the moment there is a competition on some packs so I had to buy one in order to be able to tell Grape Vine readers all about it (and to enter for myself). So today's lunch was some sort of salmon and broccoli thing with potato wedges.

It cost £2.25, plus the cost of having the oven on at a very high temperature for 45 minutes (I don't have a microwave). Bearing in mind that this is a fairly small plate, not a full sized dinner plate, does it look worth it?

At first I thought they  had forgotten to include any salmon, so I fished (Ha! see what I did there?) around in it for a while and managed to separate out the flakes of fish. It came to about a dessertspoonful. Probably equivalent to about a tenth of the amount in an individual sized fresh salmon portion from a supermarket. You can see the salmon at the top  of the photo.

As for taste, well I have to confess it was absolutely delicious. But as a quick lunch to keep me going on a busy day, it was an absolute failure. The fruit bowl has been seriously depleted this afternoon.

Would I buy it again? NO!
Will  I be using the piece of salmon in the freezer to create my own version of it for a fraction of the cost-per-mouthful some time soon? Just try stopping me!


Sylvia Robbins said...

Nick's having that tonight! We bought it for the comp. The meals were on offer at Tesco 3 for 2.
I love ready meals especially the Tesco own brands to be found ither in the chill cabinet or the frozen.
I make no meals from scratch. I open the oven door and shove in the ready meals for 1 hour always on mk 2.
We are healthy and ideal weight and BMI. Cholestrol is low bp normal and no sign of diabetes or thyroid disorders.
We both do at least an hour of execise a day using the nintendo wii fit. Jogging for me and biking for Nick.
I've not eaten fruit or veg all my life. I think your genes dictate how you are.
Good Luck with the comp.
Sylvia Robbins

Jane Willis said...

I love cooking so I wouldn't want to use them regularly, but I was impressed with the Tesco ones that we bought for my Mum to try when we were helping her out after coming out of hospital. But I hope you get more fish in your dinner than there was in this!

Peter McCormack said...

Speaking of whom, how's your Mum getting on?