Thursday, 9 August 2012

The best laid plans.....

... o' mice and men gang aft agley.

So said Robert Burns, and I'm sure all crafters have those days when their plans go totally agley. Mine certainly did this week! I saw that this week's  challenge at The Crafty Pad is "Show some metal"  and knew immediately what I wanted to make. I have a scrap of bright green Suze Weinberg's Art Metal left over from a stamping project many years ago, and I thought I'd emboss it in the Cuttlebug and then do something dark, inky, moody and arty with it - something with a very gothic appearance.

But after running it through the bug with the divine swirls folder, did it look at all dark and moody? No, it sat there on the table, looked up at me and yelled "Funky Christmas". So I had to go back to the drawing board, rummage through my Christmassy bits and find something funky enough to keep it happy.

The card I ended up with is far simpler than the one I had planned. but far more suited to this stubborn little piece of metal. Sometimes we just have to listen hard to what our stash tries to tell us!


Dawn said...

Sweet little Christmas card! Thanks for sharing it with us at The Crafty Pad this week for our Show Us Some Metal Challenge!
Good Luck
Dawn xx

Tina said...

A beautiful Christmas card , loving the metal and the colours you have used . Thank you for joining us over at The Crafty Pad this week . Tina xx

Anonymous said...

Metal seems like such a fun idea........until you try to use it and nothing in your bazillion stashes seems compatible. Thinking "funky", you aced it, but aren't you glad to be done with that piece of metal? When I used my last piece, I felt like I'd been let out of jail,


Jane Willis said...

You are SO right. I feel guilty about anything I've bought and not used -and if you've read any of my "Too Much Stuff" posts you'll know I have a LOT to feel guilty about! But the more expesive things, like that piece of metal, make me feel guiltier than ever. Now that's gone, I have half a sheet of "Almost Leather" and an unopened pack of shrink plastic to keep my guilt going.