Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kitty Love

As you know, I'm not keen on making cute or pretty things for Valentine's Day. But I really wanted to show the ladies at Show Us Your Pussies that I'd not forgotten about them. The current challenge is Kitty Love and nothing among my stamps or CDs is remotely suitable (Well, I do have a stamp of two rather drunk looking cats leaning on each other - I can imagine the conversation... "I bl**dy love you Tiddles" "And I bl**dy love you, your my beshtesht ever friend.... er.. .wossyername") so it was back to the Little Meow kit that I won a few months ago. I'd been hoping to use the kit with my 6 year old granddaughter, but she took one look and said "Can I use your stamps instead, Grandma?" so I'm left wading through the box. Very sweet, but after I do a few I start to feel a bit nauseous.

Stop rambling woman and get on with it!

So here is my card, using decoupage, paper, gems and a sentiment from the kit along with a couple of  die cut hearts.


Jenny L said...

Hi Jane,
such a brilliant card, and I love that super paper used.
Kitties look so cute too.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Barb said...

It is cute Jane. I did laugh reading your post. What a "different" them for the challenge hehe Barbxx

Liz said...

Cute card, Jane. Had a chuckle reading your post. xx

ike said...

Hahahaha :-D I would loved to have seen the drunk kitty card - that sounds hilarious and you gave me a chuckle this morning. Good idea :-)
This card is super sweet and such sweet little kitties. I guess a bit to sweet for your Granddaughter ?!!!! LoL
Thank you for purring along to SUYP Cats Challenges :-D


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Darnell said...

How have I managed to live my whole life, the last several of which have been spent in Blogland, and not come across a challenge called Show Us Your Pussies??!! I image the traffic on the stats of that blog must be rather high!! Ahem. And, let me just say, if I have ever caused you to spit your tea while you were reading one of my posts, Jane, you have just paid me back tenfold. I, lucky me, happened to have a mouthful of toast and marmalade. I know! It took me 45 minutes to clean that up and I think I still have crumbs in my ... well, never mind that. Your card, for someone who hates nauseating sugar sweetness is THE SWEETEST PUSSY CARD E.V.E.R.!! There, I said it! Now you go back to conversating with your drunk imaginary cats and I've got some hamsters to feed ... now why didn't I just let them lick up the crumbs and jam! Slap! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

cotnob said...

A sweet card Jane, such a cute image and pretty design.