Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Salt technique at Back to Basics

This fortnight at Back to Basics we would like you to use the salt technique. This involves sprinkling salt onto a wet watercolour background so the salt soaks up some of the colour to leave interesting patterns - there is a You Tube video here that might make it clearer if it is unfamiliar to you.

Here is the background I made

I was quite pleased with it for a first attempt, but I'm afraid it was downhill all the way from there! However hard I brushed and even sanded, I couldn't get rid of the very finest salt grains, and that meant when I tried to stamp on it, the image came out very - well - grainy!

So I stamped the image again, this time onto plain card. and used my salt background to make a large background for the smaller topper.

I stuck the topper on to cover the area where I had attempted to stamp the image.

Well, I've been brave enough to share my attempt and what went wrong, so now you have absolutely NO excuse not to give it a go and head over to Back to Basics and share the results with us!


meg said...

Fab card Jane, love the background colour with your stamped image

Diane said...

Funny how an error can turn into something so GOOD, isn't it? You card is beautiful and I love the layering, was meant to be!! I couldn't get my salts to do much I am afraid, I think I need to practice with this technique!!

Liz said...

Your finished card looks great, Jane. I must admit that I bought several different types of salt some time ago to try this technique, but the salt containers are still unopened! Thanks for the inspiration. xx

Catie Cuddles said...

Well your finished card looks fab despite the frustration. I managed to get my salt to brush off... but had used quite a larger grind of rock salt so maybe that's why?
C xxx

Lucille K said...

Oh Jane, this card is beautiful. Lucille :)

Dawn Phillips said...

Beautiful card hun. Love Dawn x