Friday, 24 August 2012

A very special birthday card

August 13th was my birthday. We went to Vienna for a few days to celebrate, so I've only just been able to photograph and start posting about all the lovely cards sent to me by my crafting friends. But I'm going to start by devoting a whole post about one very special card sent to me by Steph Axtell.

Steph is not only a crafter, she is also a comper, and we got to know each other through comping, where we first "met" in the newsgroup uk.rec.competitions - neither of us uses it any more but we are both members of the London Competitors Club. We'd known each other for a long time before we realised we were both crafters too. In fact comping and craft seem to go hand in hand. I think a lot of compers start to make their own postcards out of old greetings card and cereal packets, and then get a taste for creativity!

I'm always impressed with the cards Steph sends and often use them as inspiration for cards of my own, but this year she really excelled herself, making a card that is a beautiful gift too, and perfect for a comper. Her "Card" is a book, and on each page is a cellophane card bag containing a hand made postcard. The idea is for me to use these postcards  for my competition entries - and what promoter could resist picking one of these beauties out from among a pile of plain white or boring advertising postcards?

I've not shown you the front of the book as that was Steph's personal birthday message to me and not for sharing!


Linby said...

What a great gift, not got around to making any of these yet, but must do some for my comping friends.
Lynn x

Unknown said...

loved making it Jane.
The outer pieces are formed into a bamboo book which is tied with ribbons and fibres.
I make all my own postcards for comps - there's a popular saying in crafting -'Crafters never waste a thing', and that is so true with me. I hate to see things thrown away. When I had to give up work because of illness, my crafting and comping became my therapy. Steph

Aesop said...

Stunning Steph. Maybe people will commission you to make pieces for them.

Naina from LCC