Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Privacy Policy - PLEASE READ

On May 25th, the new GDPR rules come into effect which mean that everyone has to be even more careful about how we use and handle our own and our associates' data. Because many of you, not only within Europe where the new rules have been established, but all over the world, come to visit my blog, read it, comment on it and follow it, I have added a page detailing my privacy policy and how your data is handled.  Please check this page now  - this is particularly important if you follow by email  because (as far as I know!) pages aren't included in the emails that are sent out.


It will remain on the pages tabs at the top of my blog.

Many thanks to Marianne of Marianne's Craft Room who has very kindly said that we may use her own privacy policy as a guideline for what to include - I would have been lost without it!

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Lindsey said...

And with your permission, I may model mine on yours! It all makes my brain hurt.