Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Crafting with a kit for a change

A few months ago, I won two craft kits in a blog hop. These days I seldom use kits, preferring to design things from scratch, and the old kits I bought are gradually being broken up and the elements used individually, but these two kits included stickers that had been obviously custom designed for the job, with white outline stickers and sparkly hologram shape stickers that fitted exactly into the outlines so I decided to use them exactly as shown on the packet.

It was actually extraordinarily relaxing to simply follow instructions and have everything ready to assemble, cutting out all the stress of searching for that bit of *exactly* right paper that you know you have somewhere, and a chance to enjoy some pure crafting without any original art involved - in fact it reminded me of why I used to enjoy following a knitting pattern so much in my knitting days.

Here are the sparkly and pretty fruits of my labours:

I'm sharing these with Fan-tastic Tuesday where this week's twist is "Make it Sparkle"


  1. A lovely selection of cards Jane. I'm sure you had lots of fun making them. I think we've all got kits hidden away that should come out and be used up. Good Work. Barbxx

  2. A great selection of sparkly cards, Jane. I prefer to design a card from scratch too, but I know what you mean about the time it takes sometimes to find that perfect matching piece of card or embellishment. xx

  3. I can totally understand how relaxing & enjoyable this would be--kind of how I felt making the card designed by the teacher in classes before my LSS closed. These are gorgeous--love the sparkle!

  4. These are beautiful Jane, such pretty colours and lovely sparkly details.