Monday, 14 June 2021

Hope and Chances charity kit for June

 Every month, Christine Emberson at Hope and Chances  puts together a charity card making kit which almost always sells out within a few days. The kits go on sale on the first Sunday of each month - that latest update, on Friday, said there was just one kit left. 

This month I had to make sure I clicked that "buy now" button right away, as the charity of the month is Fibromyalgia Action UK. Mark has Fibro, and it's amazing how many people, medical staff included, have never heard of it so anything that helps to increase awareness is very welcome. 

The kit contained everything needed (apart from adhesives and pearls/gems) to make these two adorable little cards, and they were the perfect thing to make over this last "too hot to craft" weekend - no need for heat tools, glue guns or spotlights making the place hot and sticky! 

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Di said...

Ha! I've got these unmade cards on my desk f right now - so pretty Jane!


Di xx