Thursday, 30 August 2018

Your deal!

The word prompt at Inkspirational is SNAP.

That immediately made me think of the card game, and this sweet little hand-of-cards stamp (Is that a Royal Flush?) from Viva Las Vegas stamps. But it's such a tiny stamp I needed more to go with it.

Since the game is Snap and not (unfortunately for the card holder) anything more lucrative, I needed a card to shout "Snap!"  for, so I took the ace of hearts from a pack of cards - one I keep for crafting purposes, I'm not going to end up stuck for an ace next time I play Patience - and added a green background for a card table. And then, well, I can't see a games table without fancying a game of Scrabble, so out came my spare bag of Scrabble tiles to join in the fun!


Crafting Queen said...

Such a great idea, love it!

Liz said...

Very clever design for the SNAP challenge, Jane. xx

Shauna said...

How fun! I like how you incorporated the cards and tiles. Very original interpretation of our challenge and lovely card! Thanks for playing with us at Inkspirational!
- Shauna

cm said...

Talk about a clever interpretation of the Snap theme at Inkspirational! The card, the tiles...fantastic! So thrilled to see you in the gallery!