Thursday, 6 September 2018

A quick note

Very sorry I've not been posting for a few days (apart from pre-scheduled posts) and may APPEAR not to have been commenting on your blogs. I've been trying to sort out some issues due to a new Yahoo email policy that means all my messages and posts sent through Blogger have been blocked. I've changed the email account associated with Blogger, and that seems to have done the trick. However if you need to contact me other than as a reply to  a post, you can continue to do so via the email address in the right hand column.

Having spent all my spare time trying to deal with this, as you can imagine, little or no crafting has been done. Catch-up time starts NOW!


Mrs A. said...

No the feeling. Running ragged here trying to sort an issue out with blogger settings. Sometimes I just feel like throwing the towel in and then I think about all my lovely blogging friends so I soldier on to fight another day. Hugs Mrs A.

cuilliesocks said...

Know your frustrations, blogger is a complete mystery sometimes,hope it's all sorted now,Kate x x